MasterSAM Analyst

“Thanks to MasterSAM. I can now have full of confidence whenever my internal & external compliance auditors come to me and ask for reports that show detailed activities of what users performed, where, how and when.“
- Head of Information Security, Banking & Investment Industry

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MasterSAM Analyst

Monitoring of privileged user activities is part of the essential strategies to defend against cyber security breaches, not to mention this has become the fundamental guideline in most of the security best practices and compliance regulations such as ISO27001/27002, PCI DSS, SOX, MAS-TRM and others. Without full visibility and complete picture of your privileged access, you are always in a guessing mode. A proactive approach is required to ensure all privileged user activities are being monitored closely and processed in real time, violation alert can be triggered immediately upon the detection of anomalies and unauthorized of system access or changes.

MasterSAM Analyst is a centralized log repository which allows real time user session replay & review capability. It is employed as enforcement & reporting tool for security enforcement, compliance & audit purpose. In addition, it helps organizations to achieve Transparency & Accountability with its indisputable evidence of user activities. With its smart analytical rules engine, security or compliance professional is able to effectively enforce access policy folders with configurable rule sets to flexibly search & pin-point the sessions which violates user access policy: malpractice, violation, fraudulence and negligence. It also effectively communicates alert on exceptional activity which violates security access policy in the organization. Comprehensive reporting is also the main function of this product.

Real Time Session Monitoring
  • Real time DVR-like playback of user activities at anywhere, anytime.
  • Replay session from any point of specific event
  • Track & monitor every single access, keystroke or click to system objects such as command, file/folder, database query, application, service, etc.
  • Allow multiple reviews
Smart Analytical Rules Engine
  • Flexible & intuitive search from basic to complex scenarios that support combination of rules
  • Automated filtering of session logs that match with the defined rule sets
  • Provide scheduled or real time alert upon detection of violation against policies
Shared Platform For Host And Gateway Based Deployment Model
  • Single & centralised management console for both host and gateway based deployment model
  • Clear segregation of user session activities by deployment model
Powerful Reporting And Investigation Tool
  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box reports and easily customizable
  • Support adhoc and scheduled reporting
  • Allow dynamic generation of report that pin-point directly towards specific occurrence